Let’s Get Started!

Applications for 2021 riding season will be available here starting January 1st 2021 . Enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis.

All four pages of the application must be completed and MAILED to us in the same envelope in order for us to schedule a student.


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

MAIL your completed application to us with the $15 registration fee made payable to Shining Stars.

Spring TR Session … March 15th through May 14th

THERAPEUTIC RIDING : Horsemanship classes for special-needs students. 45 minute weekly class per session, $25.00 per class. Benefits physical, emotional, mental, and social abilities.

THERAPEUTIC CART DRIVING: A class for those who cannot mount a horse for various reasons, such as size, weight, or confinement to a wheelchair. 45 minute class per session.  $25 per class. For class dates contact Lynn Redden  at 585-259-4013.

STARS & STRIPES: Innovate “natural horsemanship” program of therapeutic services for all veterans’ needs. Comfortable setting provides veterans from any era the opportunity to re-energize their lives with a variety of horse-related activities. Call Brandy Crago at 717-451-5909 for more information.

SILVER STARS: Therapeutic classes for the elderly can include grooming, harnessing, and cart driving.